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The ever rising acceptance of e-commerce is being met with the development of more and more review websites. This is important because such platforms enable online shoppers to provide reviews about the services they consume or the products they use. The customer reviews idea is really not a new one. Customer reviews have been there way before Internet became the in thing where everyone wants to shop from. The Consumer Reports Magazine used to capture customer reviews those days, different products and services would be rated in the magazine according to how dependable, affordable, or durable they were as well as how manufacturers honored the warranties they issued. These days, customer reviews have moved to the online space where people are now reviewing products or services on social media and review websites. All this is great because it enlightens consumers that seek to buy services and products, making them wiser shoppers that are able to make informed purchase decisions. This is what the writing industry needs so that students can be able to find the kind of writing services they want.

Taking Risks

Any time a student sends out a writing order for an assignment, he takes chances because he has no information that he can base his decision on in terms of the credibility of the writing service that he is hiring. Generally, students have no mechanisms of telling whether writing services are genuine or not and they often have no idea of what to expect from them. As a matter of fact, the numerous writing companies operating online today is extremely confusing for them. This makes it easy for a student to just pick one and send assignments to them. It so happens that most of the companies online are actually sham and have no regard for quality. This means that the likelihood of innocent students sending their tasks to ‘fake’ companies is extremely high. In return, they receive plagiarized products full of grammatical errors that they cannot even use. is on a mission of informing students so that they do not fall into the traps that these sham companies use. We want each student to receive products that match the amount of money that they pay.

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At, we analyze all the reviews that customers send to us and combine them with the findings from our independent writing company research to develop all round reports that we publish here. In the reports, we show you how different writing companies rate against the factors that students say are most critical to them. Such factors include meeting deadlines, cost, customer service, quality of final products and how ready they are for immediate use. Each writing service is also ranked according to its performance, which makes it very easy for anyone to identify a great writing service by just looking at the rankings.

There are other details about the top ranked writing companies on our website that is available in the form of short videos showing how they operate and links to their website. All these resources offer our visitors access to the information they need to make better choices.